YSC Edutech Programme

Two years ago, the organization commenced mobile learning where Educational tablets were deployed in local communities in Abuja, Ekiti and Lagos state to stimulate self-learning as a response to a situation where by children living in vulnerable communities cannot learn under a school building together. The achievements of the YSC Edutech are on the use of low and relevant technology solutions, provision of alternative power supply, internet access and computerized skills of learning instructors, Pupils with cooperation of parents and guardians

While we record significant achievements with the YSC Edutech pre COVID-19 pandemic, children from under-served low-income communities which account for a larger percentage of our beneficiaries are unable to access learning during this period. The lack of access to funding’s and grants has stalled the scaling of the YSC Edutech due to high demand for such solutions and the overwhelming population of children compared to our available resources. The technology to reach everyone everywhere is available hence we are making unrelenting efforts to partner with government agencies and International organizations to facilitate implementation and adoption of the existing YSC Edutech. We have an opportunity to reimagine the overall purpose, content, and delivery of education in the long term and importantly how the YSC Edutech could best support education stake holders in making Nigeria’s education systems more resilient with current and future crises. Accessing the negative impact of the Ebola outbreaks on education in countries with low learning populations and high school dropout rates. While school closures seem to present a logical solution to enforcing social distancing within communities, long term closure of schools tend to have a negative impact on the most vulnerable population set. They have fewer opportunities for learning at home, and their time out of school may present economic burdens for parents and guardians who face challenges finding extended care, adequate food and nutrition balance in the absence of school meals.

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