Young Shapers Club’s Edutech Challenge.

Young Shapers Club’s Edutech Challenge is Transforming Education in Nigeria
Amina has been out of school for over three months as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. She misses being able to play with her friends at school, run around the playing ground and the excitement of having her lunch during break. More importantly, she misses the sound of she and her classmates in class reading out loud from their textbooks. She looks forward to the joy that comes with finding out her score after a test or a homework again.
Since the lockdown began, she spends a large part of her day carrying out domestic chores. She cleans the house, helps her mum at her shop and assists with cooking for the family.

In the midst of these, Amina’s young heart longs for something more. She looks forward to being able to learn again and sings it as a song to her mother’s hearing at every given chance.
Yesterday, Amina’s mum told her that she would finally be able to learn once again. This time, she would be learning with a digital device called a tablet. Her mum also promised her that it would be more fun than her usual classroom experience because she would learn through playing games and other exciting ways. All they will have to do is apply to Young Shapers Club’s Edutech Challenge.
In order to foster continued and equal learning opportunities for children, as well as mentorship, Young Shapers Club has launched an innovative online challenge called the YSC Edutech Challenge. Beginning with Lagos, the initiative will see children get free android tablets to continue their learning process while they await school resumption.

To participate, children, with the help of a guardian are required to tell their stories on how COVID19 has affected their learning and how getting an android tablet will benefit them in words or videos. Each story is limited to 300 words or 1-minute length videos sent to Young Shapers Club directly via any of the platforms below:
Twitter: @young_shapers
Instagram: @young_shapers_club

Participants are also expected to meet the criteria below:

  • Must be currently enrolled in a primary or secondary school.
  • Must be readily available to provide regular feedbacks for effective monitoring purposes.
  • Participants are mandated to present a guarantor to guarantee that the tablets will be used for the purpose for which it is given.
  • Guarantors will ensure participants are available for our scheduled online tutorials which will be communicated before scheduled time.
  • Guarantors are responsible for the internet charges and supervising the charging of the tablets.
  • Participants must reside in Lagos.
    The benefits of participating in the YSC Edutech challenge include:
  • Training on topics such as storytelling, reading exercise and arithmetic.
  • Access to Young Shapers Club learning Network
  • A series of mentoring and coaching sessions with our global network of mentors.
    At Young Shapers Club, we believe in equality education and learning opportunities for every child. Help a child apply today.

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