Young Shapers Club Covid Response

COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health crisis it is an education crisis. While we believe education should not wait during a pandemic, over 90% of our beneficiaries have their education disrupted because of the mandatory closure of schools by the government. We have made deliberate efforts to ensure leaning never stops by encouraging our beneficiaries to constantly revise the educational materials provided by the organization when school was in session and also take advantage of the educational programs on radio by the educational authority.

The pandemic came at a time when there has been significant progress on education provision in underserved Communities. As a result, a lot of children will be left behind when schools are opened for learning again. COVID-19 has negatively affected the livelihoods of families hence, they would not be able to afford education of their children when school resumes. Without deliberate efforts from stakeholders and the education authority in Nigeria, the number of out of school children is expected to rise.

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